The Narcissists, 2017 
Emotional abuse lies within the framework of social norms. In reality, such an impact on a person can be devastating. Due to the fact that psychological violence can be realized unconsciously and in hidden forms, it is important to be able to distinguish it. One of the culprits of such abuse in relationships can be a person with narcissistic personality disorder. The narcissist is focused on himself; he is obsessed with an idea of superiority, not capable of empathy, and does not feel guilt. He devalues what is important to others, exploits, lies, insults, ignores, manipulates, and controls. However, the majority of these processes happen behind the scenes, and contact with such a person slowly and gradually poisons life, making it impossible to breathe, think, and make decisions. The project was realised as a duo with Ksusha Smyr.

  1. The narcissists emit latex into the water, which can clog the blood vessels of other flowers.
  2. Tulips can wither from the smell of lilacs. Lilacs contain a substance that allows the spread of poison — hydrogen cyanide. Its steam is especially harmful.
  3. Ripe fruits emit a small amount of ethylene gas that accelerates the aging of flowers. The subjects of this gas are carnations, roses, lilies of the valley, freesia, and a number of other flowers.
  4. Roses and carnations no longer exude aromas when placed close to each other.
  5. The sharp scent of lilies does not combine well with other flowers.
  6. Cut flowers can be a source of infection and may infect a houseplant.