Evgeniia Chapaikina is an artist who works with the medium of photography in the still life genre. In her projects, she also employs performative practices and explores the structure of patriarchal society, the distribution of gender roles within families, as well as her work is dedicated to studying place and its influence on individuals.

Based in Paris


2021 — Performative practices in an urban space (Olga Kroytor’s workshops)

2012 — 2015 The Rodchenko Moscow school of photography and multimedia

2014 — International summer school of photography ISSP, Latvia

Group exhibitions and festivals 

2021 — “Freedom for Free”, Millepiani gallery, Rome, Italy

2021 — “Art Prospect” festival, St. Petersburg, Russia 

2020 — “The journey from a sandwich to still life”, FOTON festival, Kaliningrad, Russia

2019 — “Pro and con”, Artplay, curated by Nikolay Palazhchenko, St. Petersburg, Russia)

2019 — “The Worker woman 2.0” festival, Peresvetov Pereulok gallery, curated by Marina Vinnik), Moscow, Russia

2018 — “Nuits photographiques” (as the “Salt”, night projections’ section), Pierrevert, France

2018 — shortlisted in PHOTOBOOKFEST, Moscow, Russia

2017 — “The center of hidden image”, Pluton factory, curated by Ludmila Zinchenko, Moscow, Russia 

2016 — “”, Artplay, Moscow, Russia

2016 — “The feelings’ borders”, independent gallery, curated by Natalya Dubovik, Moscow, Russia

2016 — “An Aperture”, Vadim Sidur Museum, curated by Ludmila Zinchenko, Moscow, Russia

2016 — Vienna Photo book festival, Vienna, Austria

2015 — “Paths”, Ernst Hilger Gallery, curated by Anastasia Khoroshilova, Vienna, Austria

2014 — “Time Sh. Artsurvivalists”, curated by Tatyana Efrussi, Moscow, Russia

2014 — “Voice of Moscow”, Ekaterina Cultural Foundation, curated by Marina Rudenko, Moscow, Russia

2014 — “Territory of ZOO-ART- the art between animal and human”, ZOO gallery, curated by Vitaly Patsukov, Aliya Berdigalieva, Moscow, Russia

2014 — ISSP 2014, Latvia, Kuldiga

2014 — “Modus Operandi”, NCCA Moscow, curated by Vladislav Efimov, Aliya Berdigalieva, Moscow, Russia

2014 — “Local Library Window: Contemporary Art about everyone for everyone”, Manifesta 10 (curator Vik Laschenov)

2014 — “The Landscape Necessity”, NCCA Moscow, curated by Vladislav Efimov, Aliya Berdigalieva, Moscow, Russia

2014 — “Women’s exhibition”, Artplay, Moscow, Russia2013 — “Kino-Foto/Ludogus”, NCCA, Moscow, curated by Vitaly Patsukov, Moscow, Russia

2012 — Plungės fotobienalė 2012, Plungės, Lithuania

Curating projects 

2021 “The zones”, the bar Ugol, Moscow, Russia

2017 “Today with you”, artist Kseniya Smyr, art center Red, Moscow, Russia‍


2019 — 2022 workshop “The Practices of Still life” at Docdocdoc photo school (St. Petersburg)

2021 — workshop at “summer school”

2020 — 2022 the author’s course dedicated to contemporary still life photography “Still life in the field”2018 — workshop “contemporary still life”, Kosmost festival (Kostroma)

2014 — 2023 Intensive course of photography at Rodchenko art school and MMAM (Moscow)


2021 publication in Istra magazine 

2018 ANNUAL RING, “laboratoty of time”, catalog

2014 “Moscow speaking”, catalog 

2013 “Кино-Фото Людогусь”, catalog to an exhibition dedicated to Vladimir Maiakovsky